What We Do

City of Hull Street Angels is a local registered Charity, established in 2018.

Our volunteers patrol on Friday and Saturday evenings, currently from 9pm until 2am, as well as Bank Holidays. You will easily recognise our red jackets!

We are happy to help you by providing water and flip flops, (for a small donation) and wipes, foil blankets and vomit bowls if you need them!

We also carry portable phone chargers if you need to make urgent calls but you’ve run out of power!

All our volunteers are trained in Basic First Aid and we can contact Emergency Services, if required, and will stay with you until they arrive.

Our Street Angels will be there for you and provide support and guidance. We can provide a listening ear and can help with ensuring you get home safely, for example, by escorting you to public transport, if you’re alone, or arranging for family or friends to collect you.

We also work closely with all emergency services and venue security staff to ensure the safety of all.


City of Hull Street Angels are also a non-religious member of the Christian Nightlife Initiatives (CNI) Network.